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Mayan ruins

Maya´s World

We are found in the middle of the Maya’s world, population of big intellectual and culture, but overall a huge astronomic field. We are surrounded by the most beautiful and antiques Maya’s ruins, the nearest one obviously are the Tulum’s ones, at 10 minutes north from TulumBay you’ll find the only archeological site on the sea or rather on a cliff. Tulum’s definition for the Mayan language is “wall on the sea”. You can continue with Cobá (40km) where you will be able to find the tallest pyramid in the whole Yucatan Peninsula. It is a place immersed in the jungle with a fascinating atmosphere. The most important archeological site is Chichen Itzá (150km), a real Mayan city. Here it is located the famous field for the ball game “Juego de la pelota”, the Mayan market, all kind of houses and rooms, Cenotes where they use to do the well-known human sacrifices. The archeological zone of Chichen Itzá was inscribed in the list of the heritage of humanity of the UNESCO on 1989. On July 2007 this archeological zone was recognized as one of the new wonders of the world on the basis of a private survey carried out all around the world with the votes of millions of people.

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